Operational Officers

Chief – Wagner Grier
Assistant Chief – Francis Rath
Deputy Chief – Matt Webb
Captain of Personnel – Kymber Weese
Captain of Operation – Tony Mino
Lieutenant – David Peach
Lieutenant – Tasha Peach
Lieutenant – Tami Bredow
Sergent – Jose Nava
Sergent – Mike Johnson
Engineer – Scott Morehouse

Duty Crew Leaders

Monday – Kevin McPhilamy
Tuesday – Sgt Mike Johnson
Wednesday – Earl Haussling
Thursday – Lt Tasha Peach
Friday – Augie Rosas
Saturday Day – Tami Bredow
Saturday Night – DC Matt Webb
Sunday Day – Michael Shivik
Sunday Night – Capt Kymber Weese

Administrative Officers

President – Glenn Kaupin
Vice President of Business Development – Dave Galen
Secretary – Tasha Peach
Treasurer – Marie Householder
Medical Advisor – Dr. Elise Wallo
Chaplain – Denava Davis

Board of Directors

Glenn Kaupin (President)
Tasha Peach (Secretary)
Marie Householder (Treasurer)
Wagner Grier (Chief)
Francis Rath (Assistant Chief)
Denava Davis
Jose Nava
Natalie Martz
Rick diZerega
Dave Galen
Denise Alt
Harry Householder
Jimmy Cromer
Roy Ryman
Debbie Smallwood (Auxiliary Rep)


Buildings & Grounds – Members: Kelly Snell, Steve Duffitt
Fundraising – Steve Duffitt (Chairperson)
Public Relations – David Galen (Chairperson)
VAVRS Representation – Denise Alt and Jim Cromer (Chairpersons)
Recruitment & Retention – John Palm (Chairperson)
Membership – Denise Alt (Chairperson)
Expansion – Dave Galen (Chairperson), Members: Jeff Frazee, Roy Ryman, Steve Duffitt, Doug Skinner
Human Relations/Social Committee – Tammy Smith (Chairperson)
Nominating – Vacant
Constitution – Jim Cromer (Chairperson)
Junior Advisor – Tasha Peach
Technology – Augie Rosas
QuarterMaster – Tami Bredow