Valor Awards

The Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce hosted a proud tradition of recognizing our community’s career and volunteer emergency first-responders during a special ceremony at the National Conference Center on April 20th. This year’s Valor Award honorees, whose heroic and often life-saving actions, are often called above and beyond the call of duty. The Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad is very proud to recognize 3 members of the squad with Unit Citations. On a cold, foggy night on the the Appalachian Trail, EMT Lauren Hunt and EMT Christopher Ritz were recognized for their resourcefulness in adverse weather conditions, challenging terrain and impeccable teamwork while assisting other crews in successfully transporting a previous stroke victim to safety. During a separate incident, Paramedic Michael Shivik and other rescue personnel were recognized for quick thinking and excellent patient care while tending to an actively seizing heat stroke patient whose efforts had a decisive impact on the patient’s survival.

1334 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

1316 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

1240 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

0893 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

0758 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

0484 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

0468 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

0462 Valor (c) 2017 David Galen

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