Daisies everywhere

On Thursday January 19, a dozen daisies (Girl Scout Grades K-1)) showed up at the rescue squad to learn more about what we do. They were the most exuberant and inquisitive tour group we’ve had the pleasure to host in a long time. The tour began with instructions on what to do if they should ever have to call 911. Their homework assignment was to make sure they memorized their home address. After explaining how volunteers from all walks of life are dedicated to serving their community, the tour ended with the group boarding an ambulance and seeing how special equipment and training is used to help those in need. The rescue squad is always delighted to provide tours to all school aged children; this experience can go along way toward inspiring the health care providers of tomorrow.

0015 Daisies 0119(c) 2017 David Galen

0009 Daisies 0119(c) 2017 David Galen

Daisy Petals

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  1. This is adorable! Thanks so much, Dave!!

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