Science Fair

The Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad participated in the Catoctin ES Science Fair on Thursday April 7.  Dave Galen explained the application of science in emergency medical care as Caroline “Pancake” Trent demonstrated how vital signs are measured.  Since science is all about making measurements; students realized the connection between measuring vital signs and how that effects someone’s treatment and eventual outcome.  Youngsters were instructed how to make 911 calls and treated to “JR EMT” helmets.   Over 100 students visited the rescue squad exhibit.

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  1. Brownie Troop 3680 really enjoyed stopping by your table at the Catoctin Elementary Science fair. Their favorite part was listening to their hearts and trying to find their pulse. Thanks for all you do!

    ps we’d love a tour of the station and to chat with some EMT’s if that could be arranged 🙂

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