Flower & Garden Show

After a near wash out on Saturday, the squad had a stand by crew (Patty Russell, Sarah Ott, Karland Moore, Nate Moore, Keith Hanger, Carolyn Trent, and Dave Galen) stationed at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show.  Despite the bad weather, nearly 2000 “die-hard” gardeners came out to enjoy the rainy-day deals.  Sunday on the other hand was a “Chamber of Commerce” kind of day with an estimated 10,000 guests descending on downtown Leesburg.  Sunday’s stand by consisted of Wanda Lackey, Ben Buckley, Keith Hanger, Carolyn Trent, Dave Galen, Gary Corpuz and Rick DiZerega.  Fortunately, only a handful of minor injuries did not spoil the fun.  The Town of Leesburg is very grateful for the squad’s presence at these public events. 

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