For the 14th year, the Leesburg Rotary Club has presented the Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad with a donation for public service its volunteers provide to the community.   REHAU, a global company headquartered in Leesburg, is the major sponsor of the annual New Years Day resolution race  hosted by Rotary.  Over the years, Rotary has donated $18,000 to the squad from […]

Flower & Garden Show

After a near wash out on Saturday, the squad had a stand by crew (Patty Russell, Sarah Ott, Karland Moore, Nate Moore, Keith Hanger, Carolyn Trent, and Dave Galen) stationed at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Show.  Despite the bad weather, nearly 2000 “die-hard” gardeners came out to enjoy the rainy-day deals.  Sunday on the […]

Life Saving Award

The Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad is proud to announce that Chief Wagner Grier, EMT-B and Master Deputy Earl Haussling, EMT-B were recognized at the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce Valor Awards ceremony on Tuesday April 5.  Each was presented with the “LIFE SAVING AWARD” for 2 separate incidents where Chief Grier and Master Deputy Haussling came to […]

Science Fair

The Loudoun County Volunteer Rescue Squad participated in the Catoctin ES Science Fair on Thursday April 7.  Dave Galen explained the application of science in emergency medical care as Caroline “Pancake” Trent demonstrated how vital signs are measured.  Since science is all about making measurements; students realized the connection between measuring vital signs and how […]